Archipelago Correspondence

Docenten Geven Deze editie een 8.5

Archipelago Correspondence


Archipelago Correspondence

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  • Correspondence deals with written communication for business purposes, focusing on writing concisely in a formal setting, with appropriate tone and style. The book is intended for students of higher education, and can be used as a teaching aid as well as for self-study.

    Many sample sentences and constructions in Correspondence facilitate the composition of e-mail messages and letters, thus helping students to communicate effectively with business partners abroad.

    "Nice, short and easy to use."
             Docent - InHolland

  • Correspondence contains theory, examples and many assignments. Suggested keys to these assignments can be found on the website coming with the book.

    In this third revised edition the degree of formality has been reduced, although not abandoned. The chapter on e-mail communication has received more attention and a more prominent place than before: it has been expanded and updated and is now included as chapter 3. The lay-out of this third edition has been revised completely and all chapters have been updated and expanded where necessary.

    In Archipelago Correspondence you’ll find chapters on:

    • Principles of writing
    • Layout and conventions
    • E-mail
    • Business letters
    • Letters of application

    On the additional website you will find:

    • abbreviations
    • additional assignments
    • keys to the assignments in the book and the additional ones
    • building blocks for special purposes
    • checklists and models
    • sample letters
    • thematic and general vocabulary
    • business vocabulary
    • miscellaneous

  • Titel: Archipelago Correspondence
    Auteur: J.C.T. Ringeling
    Categorie: Engels, Frans, Duits
    Druk: 3
    Prijs: €31,95
    Pagina's: 92
    Taal: Engels
    ISBN/EAN: 9789001817237
    Verschijningsdatum: 05-08-2013
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