Archipelago Presentations

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Archipelago Presentations

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  • Presentations deals with a common phenomenon of oral communication in business: making a presentation. It is intended for students of higher education, and can be used both as a teaching aid as well as for self-study. The focus is on the practical aspects of making presentations in general, and informative and persuasive presentations in particular. Many words and phrases at the end of each chapter facilitate the preparation of a presentation, and all chapters have a section dealing with one aspect of cultural differences related to making presentations.

  • Presentations contains theory, examples and many assignments. Suggested keys to these assignments can be found on the website coming with the book: The website contains more assignments, again with suggested keys, and modules dealing with pronunciation, idiom, numbers and symbols and various additional aspects of communication and of making presentations.

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  • Thus students learn how to make effective presentations for all sorts of circumstances abroad. CEFR descriptors have been added to the revised third edition. Furthermore, this new edition contains more examples and practical exercises, strengthening the practical application of the book.


    • Preparing and structuring a presentation
    • Visual aids
    • Delivering a presentation
    • Cultural differences
    • Informative and persuasive presentations

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