Business administration

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Business administration


Business administration

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  • Business Administration offers an integrated, practical approach to all key aspects of business administration and to how business processes are managed. Business Administration distinguishes itself from similar textbooks by incorporating examples from modern business practices and by its accessible writing style. It also highlights the function and relevance of business management in day-to-day business operations.

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    • keyword tests
    • interviews with managers-on-the-job


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  • Key features include:

    • Management of companies and the wider environment in which they operate
    • Offers an insight into applied business administration
    • Provides an overview of business administration’s ancillary disciplines
    • Offers a comprehensive business administration approach to organizations
    • Implementation of management functions and duties
    • Application of techniques and methods in the business management toolbox

    This book is an indispensable tool in all degree programmes in which business administration is a key component, including Business, Economics and Law, as well as other economics and business programmes. The book is divided into three sections:

    • What is a business?
    • How does a business operate?
    • What are the tasks and duties of a business manager?

    Business Administration offers a single frame of reference for all chapters:

    • Management success stories: examples of effective business strategies
    • Management blunders: examples of poor business decisions and activities
    • Socially responsible entrepreneurship: examples of sustainable business practices
    • Key performance indicators: formulas and calculations to measure and improve business performance
    • Trends in business administration: a historical survey of the founding principles of the discipline of business administration

    This book is also available in Dutch as Bedrijfskunde Integraal.

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