Project Management, A practical Approach-Eng ed

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Project Management, A practical Approach-Eng ed


Project Management, A practical Approach-Eng ed

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    • A theoretical and practical approach to projects
    • also available in Dutch
    • additional materials available online

    Projects have become increasingly important in all areas of professional life. As such, it is crucial that students and professionals be trained to understand project management and how to go about it.

    The primary aim of this book for students in higher education courses is to facilitate the successful completion of projects. For this reason it puts particular emphasis on the importance of careful preparation and strategic co-operation within the project team. The book consists of two parts: part one provides a description of a project-based approach to the work environment, an analysis of when such an approach is appropriate and an account of how to make projects work. Part two describes the practical tools and skills needed to tackle projects.

  • The following materials are available on the supportive website tools and formats for monitoring projects, test questions with feedback and study advice. For teachers there are lecture sheets, answers and solutions, test questions, case studies and a plan of approach assessment sheet.

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  • This fourth edition of Project Management is the English version of the fully revised seventh edition of the Dutch bestseller Projectmanagement. Like the Dutch version, this new edition discusses multicultural project teams and the importance of social media in projects. The book also sheds light on the difference between project results and the aim of the project. A new chapter on how to tackle projects is included. Project Management is also available as an e-book.

  • Titel: Project Management, A practical Approach-Eng ed
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