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Archipelago Meetings

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Archipelago Meetings


Archipelago Meetings

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  • Archipelago Meetings teaches students in higher education everything they need to know about communication in most common business situations. Students learn about agendas, the roles and characteristics of the chair and other participants, negotiations, minutes, procedures and processes and about the differences in how meetings may be conducted in countries like the UK and US. After studying the book and its many practical assignments, students will be able to participate effectively in professional meetings.

  • The additional website contains assignments and suggested keys, a basic pronunciation course, contracted forms, weak forms and graded speech, useful phrases.

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  • Subjects include: drawing up the agenda, preparing for and participating in a meeting, chairing a meeting, negotiations, minutes, order, procedures and processes, purposes of communication and cultural differences.

    Over de auteur:

    Maarten Schrevel graduated in English Language and Literature and works at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Business and Communication. He was the co-author of 'HighTech English' and in the Archipelago series he also wrote 'Reading & Writing'.

  • Titel: Archipelago Meetings
    Auteur: M. Schrevel
    Categorie: Communicatie: algemeen/methoden, Engels, Frans, Duits, Gesprekken
    Druk: 2
    Prijs: €29,95
    Pagina's: 99
    Taal: Engels
    ISBN/EAN: 9789001794910
    Verschijningsdatum: 17-03-2011
    Status: Leverbaar
    Type onderwijs: Hoger Onderwijs