Introduction to Problem-based learning

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Introduction to Problem-based learning


Introduction to Problem-based learning

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    • Comprehensible introduction in the problem-based learningmethod;

    • enables students to experience the full potential of this concept;

    • discusses the use of digital devices.

    Introduction to Problem-based learning teaches students how to work with the problem-based learning method, which requires to learn mainly self-directed. Particular attention is given to the necessary skills to apply this method effectively.

    "Goed toepasbaar. Kerninformatie en handzame tools."
              Docent - Hogeschool van Amsterdam

    "Goed praktisch en compact boek, dicht bij de praktijk."
             Docent - Fontys Hogeschool

  • The Introduction to Problem-based learning provides students with the necessary skills to operate within as well as outside Problem-based groups. It discusses issues like: How do you take on a problem? How do you collaborate with others? How do you deal with cultural diversity? How do you lead a tutorial group? How can you organize your studies best? Special attention is given to the use of computers, tablets and internet in a problem-based environment. The Introduction to Problem-based learning is available as an e-book. The book is also available in Dutch, as Probleemgestuurd leren.

    What’s new in the fourth edition of Introduction to Problem-based learning?The fourth edition gives more room to the effectiveness of the method and the application in a digital environment. The book also focuses more on the necessary skill set to apply the method and to learn self-directed.

  • Titel: Introduction to Problem-based learning
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