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International law and Business

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International law and Business


International law and Business

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    • Offers a truly international view on business law;
    • founded on a clear method (comparative methodology) and theoretically substantiated;
    • relevant for virtually all economic bachelor studies that include legal subjects.

    This book offers a truly international view on business law. It not only focuses on global organizations and economic cooperation, but also on the law of nations, using domestic law systems all over the world as interesting examples.

  • International Law and Businessconsists of four parts. It starts off with an introduction into the field of law. The second part zooms in on international public law, more specifically on what business men need to know about is. Part 3 deals with international private law and Part 4 with the settlement of disputes. Rich and colourful examples make difficult legal structures easy to grasp for students. The book can be used broadly in virtually all economic bachelor studies that include legal subjects, for instance IBMS and IBS programmes.

  • Titel: International law and Business
    Auteur: Mr.Dr. B.F.W. Wernaart
    Categorie: Internationaal recht, Ondernemingsrecht
    Druk: 1
    Prijs: €38,95
    Pagina's: 390
    Taal: Engels
    ISBN/EAN: 9789001871574
    Verschijningsdatum: 13-01-2017
    Status: Leverbaar
    Type onderwijs: Hoger Onderwijs