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A Basic Guide to International Business Law



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  • An accessible introduction to international business law and European law;
  • offers an understanding of potential legal problems in international business;
  • comes with a variety of additional study materials available online.

A Basic Guide to International Business Law aims to give students an understanding as well as practical knowledge of legal problems arising in the area of international business, and to equip them with the skills needed to prevent and tackle these problems.

All chapters employ the same didactic structure. Introductory case studies, examples, annotated case law, glossaries, diagrams, summaries and exercises are all designed to familiarize students quickly with relevant aspects of international (business) law.

This 6th edition of A Basic Guide to International Business Law has been revised in the light of Brexit and contains new examples and exercises. The Basic Guide has also been updated with regard to several international treaties and conventions and offers both a practical and comprehensive approach to international business law.

A Basic Guide to International Business Law deals with the following topics:

  • Introduction to International Private Law and European Law
  • Legal aspects of negotiations; letters of intent
  • International contracts: matters of jurisdiction and the law applicable to these contracts
  • International contracts of sale
  • Free movement of goods, workers, the freedom of capital and establishment and the freedom to provide services
  • Competition law
  • International payments
  • Carriage of goods by road and sea
  • Incoterms 2020
  • Entry modes; agents, representatives, distributors, licensing, franchising

A Basic Guide to International Business Law is very suitable for law and economic studies in Higher Education.

At www.basicguidetointernationalbusinesslaw.noordhoff.nl Noordhoff provides digital resources, like tables and figures for lecturers and additional exercises, answers to the questions from the book, conventions and regulations for students. The unique code at the front of this book provides access to this material.

You can also order this title as an e-book on Bookshelf.

About the author

Until 2005, Harm Wevers was a lecturer in International Business Law and European Law at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. He now works as a Senior Legal Counsel in the field of Project, Area & Real Estate Development for the City of Enschede. This book represents for him an ongoing pleasant connection with education in the field of international business law.

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