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Intercultural competences



Over dit product

  • Offers a comprehensible and complete definition of culture;
  • clear connection between the solid theoretical framework, insightful models and practical solutions for real-world problems;
  • with in-depth examination of Hofstede’scultural dimensions theory, the culture shock process and intercultural sensitivity.

Using a solid theoretical framework, the book Intercultural competences gives students insight into what culture actually entails. The book provides students sufficient tools to interact with all the different cultures worldwide. It also enables them to put things into perspective and position themselves in relation to others with different cultural backgrounds. Through basic concepts, such as values, roles, comfort zones, meaning and context, Intercultural competences highlights what culture is. The book delves into a diverse selection of models that help understand and place cultural phenomena into context. It also provides tools to deal with intercultural conflict.

The second edition provides a brief overview of the best known intercultural theories. A distinction is made between scientific and anecdotal models. The Hofstede model is worldwide still the most used and best-known model and is therefore featured in a separate chapter. Richard Lewis's model has faded into the background because of its limited scientific value. Instead, a similar type of model with practical applications has been selected, which does have a scientific background, which is the model of Dingemans & Janssen. In addition, extra subjects are discussed such as cultural identity, inclusivity and diversity.

Intended readers

Intercultural competences is well suited for internationally oriented programs, like Economics, Business Administration and Human Resource Management. The book can also be used in programs like social work, teacher training and hotel management studies.


In the accompanying online environment students can find tests with feedback, study advice, an interactive glossary to practice with the key concepts from the theory, answers to questions and assignments from the book and links to interesting additional websites on the topic of intercultural competence.

About the author

Patrick Janssen is a lecturer in intercultural communication at the University of Applied Sciences Tio and writer/entrepreneur. He organizes workshops, trains employees and entrepreneurs and coordinates and research projects for Emergence (Research Institute for Interculturality). He also has experience leading ecotourism projects in Africa and South-America and lived in Ecuador while working on projects for the Worldbank.

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