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  • Is an accessible guide to HRM in an international context;
  • gives a complete overview of the field;
  • offers immediate application of knowledge through engaging case studies.

An increasing number of organizations operate within an international context. An organization can send employees abroad, hire employees from abroad or outsource tasks to foreign companies. These international activities bring new challenges, especially when it comes to human resource management.

With International HRM students acquire knowledge of and insight into the international operations of organizations. The book offers practical tools to help understand, shape and guide these international activities. International HRM also aims to improve students’ business English, specifically with regards to HRM.

The book starts with an introduction to international business, after which it discusses HRM policies. It also deals with cultures in different countries, employee relations, recruitment & selection, labor conditions, wages, and employee mobility.

On the accompanying website students can find tests, extra cases and videos. Lecturers have online access to exam questions, supporting tables and supporting figures.

International HRM is suitable for the following bachelor’s degree programmes:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Management, Economics and Law (MER)
  • Business Studies

This book is also available in e-book format via the platform Bookshelf.

Over dit product

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