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Marketing Fundamentals



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  • Based on the popular Grondslagen van de Marketing;
  • includes the latest digital marketing topics and trends;
  • offers an European perspective, embedded in a global context.

Marketing Fundamentals is the English-language edition of Grondslagen van de marketing, the most influential Dutch book about marketing. Over de last 25 years it has inspired many students in the Netherlands and spiked their enthusiasm for marketing. This bestseller by Dr. Bronis Verhage – Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University in Atlanta – offers a European perspective on marketing, embedded in a global context. Relevant topics in marketing are illustrated by a diverse selection of analyses of both successes and failures in marketing strategies, including service marketing, B2B marketing and green marketing. The 'Practitioner's Perspectives' and 'Professor's Perspectives' in each chapter provide insightful opinions and ideas on key issues in marketing management.

This new (4th) edition of Marketing Fundamentals has been fully revised and updated to reflect important developments in the fields of business-to-business marketing, service marketing, online marketing, market research and international marketing. The many case studies, real-life examples and research data in the book have also been renewed to reflect the latest insights and (digital) marketing trends. This edition also goes into more detail on topics such as online platforns, data analytics, omnichannel retail, design thinking and agile scrum methodology.

Marketing Fundamentals is very suitable for commercial and management courses in higher education.

In the accompanying online environment, students can find tests, and definition trainer, glossaries and PowerPoints. The website also offers content for teachers, online they will find PowerPoints and teaching notes.

Teachers can make use of Toets-op-Maat. With this convenient tool, teachers can create their own tests. This test bank contains all the test questions from the practice exams for students. The tests can be exported in different formats.

You can also order this title as an e-book on Bookshelf.

About the authors

With more than a hundred publications to his name, prof. dr. Bronis Verhage is one of the most well-known Dutch authors in the field of Marketing. His books have made a challenging field accessible to thousands of students. Dr. Verhage is currently Professor of Marketing at the Georgia State University in Atlanta, where he is active in the MBA-programme.

Marjolein Visser is an expert on the digital innovation of business models and has worked in the field since the nineties as an adviser and interim manager. She is managing consultant of marketing agency MarketWise (www.market-wise.nl) and founder and owner of TourWise, that offers online marketing solutions for the tourism and recreation industry.

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