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Young Blackbirds 2023 - Klassenset 30x Bog child



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Een klassenset bestaat uit 30 exemplaren van dezelfde titel. Dat is ideaal voor het klassikaal lezen.

Leesniveau: B2, Young adult reader

Schooltype: VO onderbouw havo/vwo, bovenbouw havo/vwo en bovenbouw vmbo (2-4 havo/vwo, 3-4 vmbo)

Leeftijdscategorie: 13-16 jaar

DIGGING FOR PEAT in the mountain with his Uncle Tally, Fergus finds the body of a child, and it looks like she’s been murdered. As Fergus tries to make sense of the mad world around him—his brother on hunger-strike in prison, his growing feelings for Cora, his parents arguing over the Troubles, and him in it up to the neck, blackmailed into acting as courier to God knows what—a little voice comes to him in his dreams, and the mystery of the bog child unfurls.


Northern Ireland in 1981 is a confusing place to grow up. The Troubles are at their height and Fergus’ brother is on hunger strike in prison. His parents are always arguing and the world around Fergus seems beset by conflict and unrest.

One day while digging for peat with his uncle, Fergus unearths the body of a perfectly preserved Iron-Age girl. As her tragic story unfolds in his dreams, we learn more of his own burgeoning love life and hopes for the future.

This is a beautifully written coming-of-age tale, which deals with themes of mortality, peace and sacrifice. Fergus is an immensely likeable character whose story, along with that of the bog child, will long stay with those who read it.

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