How to do Research

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How to do Research


How to do Research

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  • This book offers students a practical, solid and consistent step-by-step plan for doing research.

    • A step-by-step plan for doing research
    • A practice-based approach
    • Additional study materials available online
  • Checklists, useful hyperlinks, an MS Word model for the research report and spreadsheet models are available on

    How to do research is also available as an e-book.

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  • Research is regularly carried out for companies, institutions and governments. As such, having strong research skills is important for all college and university graduates. During their studies students are given various research assignments and they learn to write research reports and theses to help them prepare for their later careers.

    This bookis a how-to book and teaches students how they can carry out their own research in eight steps: Step 1: determine your topic, Step 2: draw up a research plan, Step 3: design your research, Step 4: collect your data, Step 5: analyse your data, Step 6: formulate your conclusions and recommendations, Step 7: write your research report, Step 8: complete your research. Each step starts with an introduction, after which the student proceeds to do various activities.

    How to do research is the English version of the second edition of the Dutch book Zo doe je een onderzoek.

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