Making a business plan

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Making a business plan


Making a business plan

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    • Deals with the basics of doing business abroad;
    • completely revised second edition;
    • additional study materials available online.

    Making a Business Plan is a how-to textbook with an accompanying website offering useful tools to enable students to write a business plan in eight steps, without any prior knowledge.

  • On website you will find an entrepreneurial test, check lists, spreadsheet models such as planning forms, budgets and balance sheets, an MS Word model for writing the plan, useful hyperlinks and supportive material for teachers.

    Making a business plan is also available as an e-book.

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  • The eight steps to writing a business plan as described in this book are as follows:

    Step 1: recognizing yourself as an entrepreneur

    Step 2: developing your idea

    Step 3: setting up your business

    Step 4: researching your market

    Step 5: planning your promotional strategies

    Step 6: organizing your business

    Step 7: arranging your finances

    Step 8: implementing your plan

    For each step the necessary theory is explained briefly, after which students go to work on specific activities.

    In this revised third edition, more emphasis has been given to topics such as innovation and new business models. Ways of using social media to attract customers are described, as is  crowdfunding as a way of obtaining a budget with which to implement the proposed project. Some attention is also given to cloud computing as an alternative to purchasing software and hardware. Creating a web shop is also discussed.

    Making a Business Plan is the English version of Zo maak je een ondernemingsplan and could be used in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on entrepreneurship

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