Cross cultural communication

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Cross cultural communication


Cross cultural communication

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  • Cross cultural communication is a hands-on book which is fun to read, practical, and challenging.

    Our desire to connect with other human beings is universal, yet breaking through cross-cultural communication barriers can be challenging. By reading this book students will learn to recognize that the cause of international miscommunication often finds its roots, not in disrespect, but in different cultural conditioning.

  • The website contains: Additional cultural quizzes and class exercises, Answers to points to ponder, Links to helpful websites and PowerPoint presentations per chapter.

    E-BOOK: This book is also available in e-book format.

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  • Each chapter starts and ends with a cultural quiz.Topics are:

    • Knowing yourself
    • Being Dutch
    • Verbal Communications
    • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Forms of Address
    • Building International Partnerschips
    • Colors and more
    • Saying No and Saving Face
    • Religion

    Over de auteur:

    Anka Jacobs is a graduate of the University for Hospitality Management in The Hague. She lived in the United States for 16 years where she assisted companies with their export development, gained extensive diplomatic experience, and gave regular guest lectures on cross cultural communication. Anka Jacobs returned to the Netherlands in 2008, living in her hometown and working on a book about living in the United States.

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